Chasing Happiness


Following the thread of last season, we continue with the story ‘The Blue Bird’ by Maurice Maeterlinck in 1908. For us, this season is a lot more theatrical. We delve deep into the fairy-tale-like scenes of the play, exploring the different characters and their whimsical costumes.

The importance of versatility and intelligently constructed garments are key to our design thinking, with historical elements always the starting point for this. Renli believes that the theme of ‘chasing happiness’ is an important message at times like these. Remembering your roots, appreciating your loved ones and always being kind to others is more important now than ever.


One character that we have focused on this season is ‘Berylune’ the fairy of goodness. Inspired by her warm presence through-out the story, many of our lighter pieces are layered with white stockings, and have fairy-esque silhouettes. We seek inspiration for construction from local antique markets in London, in which Renli studies the detailed  finishes of antique clothing, modernising them for our current day.