Spring Summer 2020 for Renli Su unfolds a journey of a dream in search of the Blue Bird of Happiness. The collection is based on the Play ’The Blue Bird’ by the Belgian playwright and poet Maurice Maeterlick in 1908.

The story is about two children of a carpenter, Mytyl and Tyltyl, and their journey to find the blue bird of happiness to help their neighbour’s daughter. They were accompanied by Berylune and spirits of the household elements; fire, water, light, brad, sugar and milk, as well as their pet cat and dog. In their dreams they search through the Palace of Night, The Land of Memories, Palace of Happiness and the Kingdom of Future and eventually awoke and found the blue bird is right inside the cage next to where they sleep.


Experimentation with new textiles techniques is key to Renli’s design process. The costumes of Maurice Maeterlick’s ‘The Bluebird’ have been a key inspiration when creating this seasons fabrics. The ‘Frances’ dress is created by colouring the garment and then cooking the dye at very hot temperatures creating this saturated bleed of colour, enhancing the embroidery and different textures with in the dress.

Reversible Jackets

This season Renli experiments with silhouettes and textures to create unique pieces like the ‘Alma’ reversible jacket. Inspired by silhouettes and costume of the Victorian era this sculpted jacket can be worn from day to night. One side of this versatile jacket is crafted from cotton silk blended outer layer, with the reversible side more voluminous, textured and feminine with delicate ruffled edges.